Our Mission

Many times, parents leave their pediatrician’s office confused, overwhelmed, and lost after hearing something like “possible Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing or Speech Delays”. They are left to navigate their emotions and lives as they assess what challenges may be ahead of them.

This is where Divergent Beginnings starts. We assist families through this journey with a helping hand and encouragement from their peers. Our goal is to ensure that every family is successful in obtaining therapies, applying for services, becoming educated in their child’s needs, and gaining a community of peers that they can trust.

Our Values:

–        Open mindedness

–        Supportive

–        Safe

–        Acceptance

–        Understanding

–        Faithfulness

–        Honesty

Guiding and serving neurodiverse families along their journey to obtain resources, education, and community.

Our Vision: For parents of Neurodiverse children to have a community of peers and feel successful with their child’s Divergent Beginnings.